08 11, 2021

Appy Hour: Free Apps & Databases for Back to School

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MPL Librarian Ariel Johnson and Mentor High School Student Technology Leader Steven Dohm introduce you to databases and apps that can help students of all ages when they return back to school.

All of them are free to use with their library card or have a freemium version.

The resources they talk about include:

  • LinkedIn Learning – a database filled with video courses led by professionals that can help you improve almost any skill
  • NoveList Plus – a wonderful resource for finding your next favorite book
  • Kids InfoBits – an online encyclopedia made with kids in mind
  • Points of View Reference Center – an excellent resource for researching all aspects of controversial topics
  • Very Short Introductions – a great place to start researching any topic
  • DuoLingo – a freemium app that will help hone your foreign language skills
  • EasyBib – a bibliography generator that makes citation simple
  • Khan Academy – a spectacular free resource with courses on math, science, computing and more
  • Quizlet – flashcards and games designed to help you master any subject
  • Sleeping Tools

Join us next month for another Appy Hour! The next session will be at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 21. And for more on our digital services and databases, check out our Digital Spotlight.

12 20, 2020

Read the world with PressReader

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pr-libraries-digital-signage-en-nov2020You can now read thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world with your Mentor Public Library card and our newest digital service, PressReader.

Read publications from hundreds of countries in dozens of languages! All you’ll need is your library card number and PIN.

There are three ways to access PressReader’s enormous catalog: our website, PressReader’s website, or the PressReader app.

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 12.10.02 PMTo visit PressReader from our site, you can click on the link on our front page or databases index and start browsing immediately. If you visit PressReader’s site directly, you’ll need to search for Mentor Public Library, and then put in your library card number and PIN before you can begin browsing.

Finally, you can use PressReader’s app, which is available for Apple, Android, Microsoft, and Amazon devices. Once again, you’ll need to enter your library (that’s us), your library card number, and PIN to sign into the app. You’ll also need an email address to create a profile.

That’s all you need to start browsing periodicals from all over the globe! So start browsing!

By the way, the PIN you need is the same one you use to access your account on our website. If you don’t know your PIN, it’s probably the last four digits of the phone number that we have on record for you. If there’s no phone number on your account, the PIN will be a 4- digit code using your birth month and day. (For example, 0824 for a birthdate of August 24.) If your account has no phone number or birth date, your temporary password will be CHANGEME. Once a PIN is assigned, you can change yours to anything you wish once you sign into your account online.

11 26, 2020

COVID-19 and Your Community Library

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Mentor Public Library has reopened its Main, Headlands, and Lake Branches to the public, as well as The HUB in Mentor High School.

We have adjusted our health and safety measures to reflect new guidelines from the state and CDC. If patrons or staff are fully vaccinated, then face coverings are optional. All others are still required to wear face coverings while inside our branches.

We have also begun hosting some programs in-person outside of our branches. Click here to visit our online event calendar. Our programs are conducted in accordance with current health and safety mandates/guidelines, which are subject to change. We encourage all attendees to observe these rules so that in-person programing may continue. It is up to the individual to determine his or her level of comfort and acceptable risk when attending programs. If you are concerned about public gatherings, please do not attend.

Notary and passport services are still available by appointment only. You can also pick up printing jobs curbside or at our drive-thru, and even 3D printing jobs at our Main Branch.

COVID-19 is still present in our community. Here’s additional information from the:

We’re following the advice of experts so we can:

  • keep you and our other patrons as safe as possible
  • prevent additional spikes in COVID-19 transmission
  • continue to provide library programs and services to the community
06 29, 2020

Study anything for free with the Great Courses & your library card

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Whatever you want to learn, there's a Great Courses series about it. And there's a great chance that you can enjoy that Great Courses series for free with your library card.

Whatever you want to learn, there’s a Great Courses series about it. And there’s a great chance that you can enjoy that Great Courses series for free with your library card.

Have you heard of The Great Courses?

They’re a collection of phenomenal lectures series created by esteemed college professors for the general public on fascinating topics like Decisive Battles in World HistoryWriting Great Fiction, and Physics & our Universe.

They’re engaging, enlightening, and understandable. The only downside? They can be a touch expensive to buy.

Fortunately, your Mentor Public Library offers four ways that you can enjoy more The Great Courses for free.

1. Borrow them from us

We have several DVD sets of Great Courses series that you can borrow from our collection, including:

Browse from the dozens of sets in our collection.

2. Stream them using Kanopy

If you’re not familiar with Kanopy, it’s a streaming service that lets you watch some of the world’s greatest films and documentaries. And it’s free with your library card!

It also has dozens of Great Courses series that you can stream onto your computer, phone, tablet, or Smart TV. Typically, you can stream 10 items from Kanopy each month. But, right now, you can stream unlimited Great Courses videos from Kanopy with your Mentor Public Library card.

Learn as much as you want to about historyskillshobbieshumanities and science.

3. Watch the Great Courses with RBDigital

Just like with Kanopy, RBDigital offers unlimited streaming of The Great Courses. They offer several lectures one:

4. Stream audio versions of the Great Courses for free with Hoopla

By the way, if you prefer streaming audio, you can stream more than 100 Great Courses in their entirety as audiobooks using Hoopla. Once again, Hoopla is free to use with your Mentor Public Library card. You can borrow up to 20 items per month from its collection, which also includes audiobooks, movies, music, and comics.

So what do you want to learn first?


11 22, 2019

Stream classic and quirky Christmas specials with Hoopla & Kanopy

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Irving-Berlin-s-Holiday-Inn-Starring-Bing-Crosby-and-Fred-Astaire-Poster-693x1024Want to watch something seasonal? Don’t feel like leaving the house?

We’ve got you covered — whether you’re in the mood for something naughty or nice.

With Hoopla and Kanopy, you can stream tens of thousands of movies, documentaries and episodes of television to your phone, tablet or computer anywhere at anytime. And it’s free with your Mentor Public Library card.

And they’ve got a robust collection of holiday-themed specials. Let’s unwrap some of our favorites:


1. Happy Christmas

Anna Kendrick and Lena Dunham play hard-partying friends whose carefree perspectives throw one family’s holiday into disarray.

2. Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas

Elmo’s father tells a bedtime story about why everyone leaves cookies out for Santa. In doing so, we meet Elmo’s great-great-great-grandmonster and travel back to when Sesame Street was a very different place. In fact, everyone was so grouchy that Santa didn’t even bother to visit. What can be done to bring kindness, cheer, and the spirit of Christmas to Sesame Street.

3. Jeff Dunham: Very Special Christmas Special

Jeff Dunham invites his puppets (Walter, Peanut, Bubba J, José Jalapeño and Achmed the Dead Terrorist) to join him on his first holiday special.

4. Madeline’s Christmas

There’s not a whole lot of plot to Madeline’s Christmas (but since when has Madeline been about things happening.) Basically, Madeline must take care of her classmates who have fallen ill around holiday time.

5. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t

The gang gets in the holiday spirit with the tale of a plucky lawyer who sets out to save Santa Claus from the clutches of a spoilsport zillionaire.

6. The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas!

The Cat in the Hat — along with his friends Sally, Nick, and the Fish — must help a baby reindeer get back to his family in far-off Freeze-Your-Knees. They’ll probably learn a thing or two along the way.

7. Unlikely Angel

Dolly Parton plays an angel (naturally) who must help a lonely widowed father if she wants to get her wings.

8. Gumby’s Christmas Capers

A compilation of Gumby skits centered around Christmas.

9. One Christmas

Starring Katherine Hepburn. A young man is sent to visit his estranged father for Christmas in 1930 in New Orleans.  Based on an autobiographical short story by Truman Capote.

10. God Came Near

An Advent Series for families explores the stories of Joseph and Mary, the true history of Saint Nicholas, the hectic holiday season, Christmas traditions, and more

11. Wild Kratts’ Creature Christmas

It’s Christmas time and the Wild Kratts are taking a break from creature adventuring to celebrate. But when the Wild Kratts receive an alert that their favorite creatures are disappearing around the globe, their holiday party transforms into a rescue mission.

12. Saving Christmas

Kirk Cameron rescues his brother-in-law, Christian, from the humbugs and gives him a fresh perspective on Christmas.

And now for an intermission called ___ Saves Christmas in which your favorite cartoon or canine protagonist rescues the holiday from nefarious villains:

13. Abbott & Costello: The Christmas Show

This delightful Christmas special stars the hilarious Abbott and Costello and features Margaret Whiting, The Nicholas Brothers, Buster Shaver and Olive, and Tom and Jerry.

14. The Nutcracker Ballet

The classic ballet performed by the Ballet of the Slovak National Theatre. You may also enjoy Getting to the Nutcracker, a documentary that depicts all the hard work it takes to perform the holiday classic, from audition to curtain call. (For a different take, check out Maurice Sendak’s version of The Nutcracker.)

15. Noel

Five strangers come together on Christmas Even in New York City. Features an all-star cast with Paul Walker, Susan Sarandon, Penelope Cruz, Alan Arkin, and Robin Williams.

16. Saint Nicholas: The Real Story

Learn about the historical saint from Turkey who partly inspired the Santa Claus myth. (If you’re six years old and reading this, please don’t tell your parents that we called Santa Claus mythical. Also, good job on your reading.)

17. The Gift of the Magi

Based upon O Henry’s short story. A young husband and wife barter their most cherished possessions to buy Christmas gifts for one another.

18. The Christmas Orange

A young boy is outraged when he receives a single orange for his Christmas largess and decides to sue Santa Claus.

19. No Snow for Christmas

A short co-produced by animation legend Bill Plympton  showing the effects of climate change on Christmas

20. Christmas Masterclass

Part of The Great British Baking Show. In the countdown to Christmas, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood feel festive in the kitchen. They share six recipes to bake for your family this holiday, inspired by traditions from all over Europe.


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