To Reserve a Meeting Room:

Library Meeting Rooms are open on a limited basis.

When our meeting rooms are not in use for library activities, they’re available to reserve by nonprofit charities, local community organizations and committees, and for group-study use at no rental charge. They’re also available to tutors, businesses, and private individuals/groups on a first-come, first–serve basis. For fees and other information, go to the library’s Meeting Room Policy.

For more information and meeting room availability, please call:

  • Main Library: Sue Fram – (440-255-8811 ext 233)
  • Lake Branch: Cailey Hutchins – (440-257-2512)

Directions for Reserving a Meeting Room:

  1. Click on button above to go to the library’s program calendar.
  2. Click Reserve a Room.
  3. Pick the Mentor Library Branch you would like to reserve.
    1. For a specific date, click on Go To Date to be taken directly to that date
    2. To see next available opening, click on Next Available.
  4. Click on the green square (indicating the desired starting) next to the desired room.
    1. Green indicates availability.
    2. Red indicates that the room is in use at that time.
  5. Under the grid, use the drop down arrow to pick an ending time.
  6. Once you’ve selected the date, time, and room, click Submit Times.
  7. Input library card number and PIN. Click Login.
  8. Read any notices and click Continue.
  9. Fill out the appropriate information on the next screen. Click Submit My Booking.

Once you have submitted your booking, the library will need to approve it. (Please allow enough time for the library to get back to you.)

You will receive an email with the Library’s decision. Please check your spam folder, too.

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Image of meeting room reservations
Image of meeting room reservations
Image of meeting room reservations