06 4, 2023

True-Crime Writer Rick Porrello Shares the Story of Multiple Murderer

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Cleveland’s best known true-crime writer and former police chief Rick Porrello will discuss his newest book, There’s More Bodies Out There, during a special author talk at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 22, at our Main Branch.

The book tells the story of former con artist and mob-affiliated hitman Richard Henkel who claimed to have murdered 28 people. Porrello spent 10 months communicating with Henkel as research for There’s More Bodies Out There.

Porrello is also the author of The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia and biographies about organized crime bosses Danny Greene and Shondor Birns.

Porrello’s talk is free to enjoy. Due to limited space, registration is required. Sign up online or call our Main Branch at 440-255-8811 est. 1. His book will be available for sale and signing after his talk.

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06 3, 2023

Our Supreme Court series continue with the Great Dissenter

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When a Supreme Court justice achieves legendary status, it’s usually for majority opinions they’ve written. However, at least one has become famous for their acumen in dissent.

John Marshall Harlan II is best known for his foresight when dissenting in Plessy v. Ferguson. Our in-house historian Dr. John Foster will lead you through Harlan’s life, jurisprudence, and historical context. See how Harlan’s opinions — even in dissent — predicted legal arguments during the Civil Rights movement 60 years later.

The first lecture in this series focused on Chief Justice John Marshal. It can be watched in its entirety on our YouTube channel.

In addition to being a reference librarian, Foster has a doctorate degree in history. He has taught history at both high school and college levels. Previously, he has led series on the Battles of World War IIthe Cold Warthe American RevolutionThe Vietnam Wars, and US Presidents of the 20th Century at the library.

06 3, 2023

Author talk with award-winning photographer Jamie Beck

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We’re hosting a free online talk with award-winning photographer and author Jamie Beck at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 15.

Beck’s latest is An American in Provence, which recount her travels in the south of France. It’s equal parts art book, travel diary, memoir and cookbook. She shares incredible photos, helpful photography techniques, and farm-to-table recipes she learned along the way.

The talk is free to enjoy and will be hosted online. Sign up to attend here.

06 2, 2023

Explore the Mysteries of Squire’s Castle

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Explore the history and mysteries of Squire’s Castle during a free program at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 14, at our Main Branch.

Judy MacKeigan, the historian and archivist for Cleveland Metroparks, will share the story of Feargus B. Squire and his famous castle within North Chagrin Reservation in Willoughby Hills. Squire was an executive with Standard Oil Company and former mayor of Wickliffe. His titular castle was intended as the gatekeeper’s house for a larger estate. Discover how it became a Metropark and more during MacKeigan’s talk.

The program is open to all. Due to limited space, registration is required. Sign up on our website or call us at 440-255-8811 ext. 1.

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06 1, 2023

Jedi Training at Mentor Library

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Kids (ages eight to 12) will enjoy Jedi Training at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, June 13, at our Main Branch.

The padawans will find a kyber crystal, make their own lightsaber, and run an obstacle with Grogu on their back. Kids are encouraged to dress as their favorite Star Wars character.

The program is free to attend. Due to limited space, registration is required. Sign up online or call us at 440-255-8811 ext. 3.

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