10 3, 2023

Discover the basics of aromatherapy

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Did you know there are medical benefits to stopping and smelling the roses?

Professional holistic aromatherapist Jennifer Langsdale will explain the basics of aromatherapy during a free program at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 17, at our Lake Branch. She’ll discuss how aromatherapy can impact your emotions and health, as well as how to use essential oils safely. Those who attend can take home an essential oil sample.

The program is open to all. Due to limited space, registration is required. Sign up online or by calling us at 440-257-2512.

10 2, 2023

Makerspace Monday: Superb Socks

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It’s comfy season! Personalize your favorite pair of socks using the Cricut and heat press in The HUB’s makerspace.

The makerspace also has a large-format printer, laser engraver, vinyl cutter, green-screen studio, button maker, and more state-of-the-art tech that can be used with library staff supervision.

Click here for more information on The HUB’s makerspace, including how to make a reservation. And click here for more makerspace and 3D printing ideas!

10 2, 2023

Our Supreme Court series concludes with Earl Warren lecture

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Mentor Public Library concludes its series on the most important Supreme Court justices by spotlighting Earl Warren, the chief justice from 1953 to 1969. The library’s resident historian Dr. John Foster will discuss the life and judicial legacy of Warren at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 19, at the library’s Main Branch.

Holmes is one of the court’s great mavericks. He forged his own judicial patch – especially on questions of criminal justice – and caused the Nixon administration no end of annoyance. To learn more, sign up for this free talk at www.mentorpl.org or by calling Mentor Public Library at 440-255-8811 ext. 1.

Previous lectures in this series focused on Chief Justice John Marshal, The Great Dissenter, John Marshal Harlan, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. All can be watched in their entirety on our YouTube channel.

In addition to being a reference librarian, Foster has a doctorate degree in history. He has taught history at both high school and college levels. Previously, he has led series on the Battles of World War IIthe Cold Warthe American RevolutionThe Vietnam Wars, and US Presidents of the 20th Century at the library.

10 1, 2023

Enjoy a special reading with novelist Genevieve Gornichec

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Author Genevieve Gornichec will share a special reading from her second novel, The Weaver and The Witch Queen, at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 14, at our Lake Branch.

Gornichec spent most of her college career studying the lives and stories of Vikings. Now her novels are inspired by Norse myth and Icelandic sagas. For example, The Weaver and the Witch Queen depicts the story of two women – one desperate to save her sister, the other destined to become queen of Norway.

Discover a spellbinding story of sisterhood and power during Gornichec’s free reading. Due to limited space, registration is required to attend. Sign up on our website or by calling at 440-257-2512. Her books will be available for sale and signing after the reading.

Visit our YouTube channel for more exclusive author interviews.

09 30, 2023

Creative Writing Spooktacular for kids

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Kids in third through fifth grade will enjoy a Creative Writing Spooktacular at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 12, at our Main Branch. The young authors will write spooky tales to share with their family and friends.

The program is free to attend. Due to limited space, registration is required. Sign up online or call us at 440-255-8811 ext. 3.


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