05 6, 2022

Discover True-Crime Stories of Murder & Mayhem on Lake Erie

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Local historian and author Wendy Koile has written about the legends of Lake Erie and disasters on its shores. So, for her newest book, she explores stories of murder and mayhem on the lake.

In this interview, Koile explains how researching history is like treasure hunting. (She has experience with both.) She also shares why she loves Lake Erie and wants to tell its stories. Finally, she recommends where you should eat if you only have one night in Geneva-on-the-Lake.

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07 28, 2021

Discover the true criminal history of Lake County’s own mad hatter

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Discover the true story of a conman who went from the stage at Mentor High School to the big house.

Discover the true story of Lake County native Nelson Radabaugh, an inveterate conman who scammed hundreds of people out of millions of dollars with fraudulent gold mines.

Local historian Ginnie Jeschelnig will talk about Radabaugh’s life and crimes during a program at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 11, at our Main Branch.

Radabaugh led a fascinating life that took him from the stage on Mentor High School to designing custom hats for wealthy women to federal court.

Jeschelnig’s program is free to attend, and registration is required. People can sign up on our website at (440) 255-8811 ext. 247.

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11 2, 2020

Learn about the stranger friendship between Ted Bundy & Ann Rule

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Discover the strange relationship between serial killer Ted Bundy and true-crime writer Ann Rule. Mollie Burns from Mentor Public Library discusses the connections between these two very different but inextricably linked people. Due to the graphic nature of Bundy’s crimes, viewer discretion is advised.

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11 6, 2019

Author Jane Ann Turzillo talks true crime, ‘Wicked Women’ & westerns

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Jane Ann Turzillo visited our library in October as part of our Mentor Mystery Month.

After her program, we chatted with Turzillo about how she researches historic crimes, what motivates her “wicked women,” and her love of photography and westerns.

Turzillo has written several books about Ohio’s criminal past, including Wicked Women of Northeast Ohio, Murder and Mayhem on Ohio’s Railsand Unsolved Murders & Disappearances in Northeast Ohio. You can borrow these and more of her books from our library.

By the way, you can see interviews with more of our Mystery month authors, including James Badal, D.M. Pulley, Vivien Chien, and Brad Ricca on our YouTube channel.

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