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10 26, 2020

‘Rust’ Discussed: An Interview with Eliese Colette Goldbach

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Last week, the Lake County League of Libraries and our friends at Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library hosted an interview last week with Eliese Colette Goldbach, the author of Rust: A Memoir of Steel & Grit.

The program was recorded, so those who couldn’t attend could still enjoy it.

In Rust, Colette discusses her experiences working in the ArcelorMittal steel mill, as well as sexual assault, bipolar disorder, and arguing about politics with your parents. In short, she is a brave memoirist who is not afraid to tackle BIG topics.

In the video above, Goldbach shares a reading from Rust, and then she answers questions on topics both big (like how writing a memoir can affect one’s mental health) and decidedly less big (her favorite Star Trek captain.)

The Lake County League of Libraries is a programming collaborative that  unites the public libraries in Lake County, Ohio — Willoughby Eastlake, Mentor, Morley, Wickliffe, Kirtland, Perry, Madison, and Fairport Harbor — as well as the Lakeland Community College Library and the Lake Erie College Library. Visit the League’s website for details on more upcoming programs.

08 12, 2020

Amanda Flower Interview: Meet the mind behind the mysteries

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Bestselling and award-winning writer Amanda Flower is the mind behind more than 30 mystery novels, including The Magical Bookshop Mysteries, The Amish Candy Shop Mysteries, and the Magic Garden Mysteries – many of which you can borrow from your library.

She discusses her newest mystery, “Mums and Mayhem” as well as:

  • what inspired her Magic Garden Mystery series
  • what “the English” get wrong about Amish communities
  • her favorite job ever (and why it involved wearing a pink checkered ball gown)
  • where she finds joy and peace of mind during a global pandemic.

By the way, we love a good mystery at Mentor Public Library, and we’ve hosted several of our favorite mystery authors over the years. You can see our interviews with them (and, in a few cases, their entire talks) on our YouTube channel, including:

06 26, 2020

Connie Schultz discusses ‘Daughters of Erietown’

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Pulitzer Prize winner and former Plain Dealer columnist Connie Schultz visited our friends at Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library this week to discuss her debut novel, The Daughters of Erietown.

She chats about how Erietown differs from her native Ashtabula, who her favorite teachers were growing up, and what parts of “Erietown” are and are not autobiographical.

By the way, you can visit our YouTube page for exclusive interviews with other critically acclaimed and bestselling authors like Paula McLainChristina Baker KlineKarin Slaughter, and Dan Chaon.

06 17, 2020

Susan Petrone discusses ‘The Heebie-Jeebie Girl’ and what people get wrong about Youngstown

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Author Susan Petrone chats with us about her newest novel, The Heebie-Jeebie Girl, and why Youngstown is so important for her story. She also discusses:

  • how she got the ideas for her previous novels The Super Ladies and Throw like a Woman.
  • her favorite job that she’s ever had. (Hint: It involves baseball.)
  • how her favorite authors (Jane Austen and Kurt Vonnegut) may have influenced The Heebie-Jeebie Girl.

Petrone used actual events from her family’s history to write The Heebie-Jeebie Girl. Her story takes place in Youngstown, 1977, at the time when the city’s largest steel mill has just closed and the worst blizzard in over 40 years has hit the area. It’s a tale of change, family, and redemption.

03 14, 2020

Discover the ghosts & legends of Northern Ohio with William G. Krejci

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Author William G. Krejci has written about the lost cemeteries of Cuyahoga County and purported hauntings at Put-In-Pay and Franklin Castle. His newest book, The Ghosts and Legends of Northern Ohio, takes you through Rider’s Inn in Painesville, demolished orphanages in Vermillion, and haunted graveyards in Columbiana County.

Krejci discussed his book and what he discovered while researching it when he visited our library earlier this month. He also told us why he started investigating local haunts.

Finally, he suggested some other books on the same topic. So if you enjoy The Ghosts and Legends of Northern Ohio, check out:


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