05 6, 2022

Join Nancy Drew’s Clue Crew

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Junior Sleuths can celebrate Mystery Month by joining Nancy Drew’s Clue Crew at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 19, at our Main Branch.

They’ll use their own sleuth kits to play games, savor some of Nancy’s favorite snacks, and enjoy a short reading from Nancy Drew’s first mystery!

The fun is free to join and open to all kids from ages eight to 12. Due to limited space, registration is required. Sign up on our website or by calling us at 440-255-8811 ext. 3.

10 16, 2021

All Booked Up with Cailey & Meg: Cozy Mysteries

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Want a whodunnit that’s heavy on fun (and puns!) and light on the gore? Try a Cozy Mystery! Cailey and Meg recommend four of their favorites including:

  1. A Deadly Inside Scoop by Abby Colette
  2. Murder Once Removed by S.C. Perkins
  3. A Murder for the Books by Victoria Gilbert
  4. Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Garrett

Most of the books we discuss can also be borrowed as ebooks using OverDrive or Libby. All you need is your Mentor Public Library card.

By the way, if you love Cozy Mysteries, check out our interviews with Cozy writers Amanda Flower and Vivien Chien!

08 12, 2020

Amanda Flower Interview: Meet the mind behind the mysteries

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Bestselling and award-winning writer Amanda Flower is the mind behind more than 30 mystery novels, including The Magical Bookshop Mysteries, The Amish Candy Shop Mysteries, and the Magic Garden Mysteries – many of which you can borrow from your library.

She discusses her newest mystery, “Mums and Mayhem” as well as:

  • what inspired her Magic Garden Mystery series
  • what “the English” get wrong about Amish communities
  • her favorite job ever (and why it involved wearing a pink checkered ball gown)
  • where she finds joy and peace of mind during a global pandemic.

By the way, we love a good mystery at Mentor Public Library, and we’ve hosted several of our favorite mystery authors over the years. You can see our interviews with them (and, in a few cases, their entire talks) on our YouTube channel, including:

11 11, 2019

Brad Ricca talks crime, comics & Cleveland

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Author Brad Ricca visited us earlier this October as part of our Mentor Mystery Month. He shared with us to the incredible story of Mrs. Grace Humiston, the detective and lawyer who turned her back on New York society life to become one of the nation’s greatest crime fighters.

Humiston was the subject of Ricca’s book, “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes : the true story of New York’s City’s greatest female detective and the 1917 missing girl case that captivated a nation.”

After his talk, we interviewed Ricca and he:

  • discussed his conflicted relationship with the true-crime genre
  • offered his theory for why so much comics talent comes from Cleveland
  • told us his favorite X-Man characters
  • and shared how comics legend Harvey Pekar changed his life.

Visit our YouTube channel for more author interviews.


11 6, 2019

Author Jane Ann Turzillo talks true crime, ‘Wicked Women’ & westerns

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Jane Ann Turzillo visited our library in October as part of our Mentor Mystery Month.

After her program, we chatted with Turzillo about how she researches historic crimes, what motivates her “wicked women,” and her love of photography and westerns.

Turzillo has written several books about Ohio’s criminal past, including Wicked Women of Northeast Ohio, Murder and Mayhem on Ohio’s Railsand Unsolved Murders & Disappearances in Northeast Ohio. You can borrow these and more of her books from our library.

By the way, you can see interviews with more of our Mystery month authors, including James Badal, D.M. Pulley, Vivien Chien, and Brad Ricca on our YouTube channel.

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