10 14, 2021

Explore the Urban Legends of Ohio

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Do sasquatch, Melon Heads, sea monsters, and other cryptids lurk near where we live? Explore the urban legends of Ohio during a special program at our Lake Branch.

Ohio is stuffed with frightening folktales and chilling legends. Have you heard of Cry Baby Bridge? Helltown? The Melon Heads that were rumored to live in Kirtland?

Our own Ms. Mollie will introduces you to the stories behind the legends of Mothman, the Monster of Minerva, the Lake Erie Monster, and more. She’ll also tell you about the state’s many Bigfoot sighting and the only known Witch Trial to occur in Ohio.

Her talk is free to attend and open to all. It will be 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 27, at our Lake Branch. Space is limited, so registration is required. Sign up on our website or by calling us at (440) 257-2512.

If you can’t get enough of local lore, our YouTube channel has authors sharing some of their favorite stories that they’ve researched:

09 28, 2021

Revisit the Vietnam Wars with Lecture Series from MPL

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Our resident historian Dr. John Foster discussed the continued fighting in Vietnam from 1954 to 1963 during a special program last week. We recorded it for anyone who could not attend.

He discussed the leadership of Ngo Dinh Diem, the frustration of John Paul Vann, and the catastrophic Battle of Ấp Bắc.

This is the third lecture in Foster’s year-long series on The Vietnam Wars. Both of the previous lectures in Foster’s series can be viewed in their entirety on our website:

As part of his talk, Foster recommended several books on this era in Vietnam, including:

In addition to being a reference librarian, Foster has a doctorate degree in history. He has taught history at both high school and college levels. Previously, he has led series on the Battles of World War IIthe Cold Warthe American Revolution and US Presidents of the 20th Century at the library.

06 24, 2021

Learn Secret & Surprising Stories about US Presidents

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Discover secrets and surprising stories of the US Presidents during a special program from Mentor Public Library.

Which president would notoriously sleep during Cabinet meetings? Which first daughter would smoke on top of the White House and put tacks on politicians’ seats?

Discover this and more surprising stories from US Presidential history during an online program we’re hosting at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 14.

The speaker will be Susan Cannavino. Her talk is free, open to all, and will be hosted via Zoom. Registration is required and people can sign up online or by calling us at (440) 257-2512.

By the way, we’ve hosted several talks on presidential history, many of which can be viewed in their entirety on our YouTube channel, including:

06 23, 2021

Meet Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, the East Side Joan of Arc

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While still a teenager, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn teamed with the Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies) to fight for free speech and improved conditions for workers in the culinary, mining, and garment industries.

Explore the life of this remarkable woman with Dr. Lara Vapnek. Vapnek literally wrote the book on Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Modern American Revolutionary. Stick around until the end of her talks for a very special guest.

This program is part of Lake County Reads – a countywide, summerlong series of book talks and online programs that concludes with a special evening with bestselling and celebrated author Jess Walter on Aug. 5.

Throughout the summer, the public and academic libraries in Lake County will host book-club discussions where all are invited to talk about Walter’s literary smash The Cold Millions. They’re also offering free online programs that take a deeper dive into the themes and historical context of Walter’s story. For example, you can learn about the suffragettes’ fight for women’s rights, discover some of the lesser-known but key figures in the early Labor Movement, or even enjoy a ragtime concert with The Ragged Blade Band.

The libraries have also teamed with Literary Cleveland for a series of writing workshops and author talks that explore the idea of writing about the working class. It crescendos with an author talk from Walter himself.

All of these programs and book-club discussions are free to attend. They will be hosted via Zoom, and registration is required to get the link. Get more information and sign up for any of these programs at www.leagueoflibraries.org.

06 15, 2021

Behind the Laughter: The Making of the Dick Van Dyke Show

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Discover the story behind The Dick Van Dyke show during a special program from Mentor Public Library.

Discover the story behind one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, The Dick Van Dyke Show, during a fabulous and fun program we’re hosting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 29.

Sal St. George – a pop-culture historian who specializes in classic comedy – will discuss how creator Carl Reiner discovered Dick Van Dyke. He’ll also explain how Reiner’s experiences working on “Your Show of Shows” inspired the comedy that would make Van Dyke a star.

This program is free to attend and will be hosted via Zoom. Patrons need to register to get the Zoom link. RSVP online or by calling us at 440-255-8811 ext. 247.

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