04 10, 2021

Learn about COVID-19 & Heart Health from Lake Health Cardiologist

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Have questions about how COVID-19 may affect your heart health? Dr. Paul Zellers – a cardiologist with Lake Health Physician Group Northeast Ohio Heart Associates – explains if heart disease makes someone more susceptible for serious symptoms, if they’re infected with COVID-19. He also discusses what affects COVID-19 may have on long-term heart health.

We’ve hosted several talks about health and wellness recently. You can watch many of them online in their entirety, including:

02 24, 2021

Podiatrist talk helps you get back on your feet

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Dr. Andy Orta from Foot and Ankle Specialists of Ohio shares symptoms and treatment options for common foot and ankle problems – from bunions to bad breaks – during an online program we hosted earlier this week.

He discusses soft-tissue conditions, structural deformities, bone and joint conditions, trauma, and nail and skin disorders. Warts and all! The first few seconds of his talk are inadvertently clipped, but you’ll still get his expert insight.

By the way, a YouTube video can be helpful but it’s no substitute for medical consultation. If you have a problem that requires treatment, contact your doctor.

We’ve hosted several talks about health and wellness recently. You can watch many of them online in their entirety, including:

01 14, 2021

Learn practical steps to manage your stress

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Everyone feels stressed at times, but sometimes stress can become overwhelming.

If stress is disrupting your health and happiness, take the first step in controlling it by learning practical stress management techniques from certified health and wellness coach Lydia Skiljan.

She offers breathing, mindfulness, meditation, and self-care practices that you can do to reduce your stress and control how you react to it. (Here’s a handout for one of her breathing exercises.) During her talk, she’ll guide you through meditation and recommend other helpful resources.

Skiljan is a health professional with more than 25 years of experience. She even prepared a reading list of people who are interested in researching the topic more. They include:

11 18, 2020

Special talk for family & caretakers of people with dementia

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Dementia affects more than the person with the condition. It affects family and caregivers, as well

Chera and Linda from the Kemper House – a care facility that specializes in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia – share tactics for helping someone with dementia and explain how caregivers can better deal with difficult behaviors.

By the way, we’ve hosted other programs that can help families dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. They are still available to watch on our YouTube channel.

Chera and Linda will return for an online program about hoarding behavior and dementia at 2 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 14. The program is free to watch and will be broadcast via Zoom. You can register to attend online or call us at (440) 255-8811 ext. 247.

10 23, 2020

Learning about dementia & what your family may need

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Dementia is a scary word. But it can be less intimidating when you know its symptoms and the resources available to you and your family.

During a program earlier this week, Chera and Linda from Kemper House – an assisted living facility that specializes in helping people with Alzheimer’s and dementia – explained what dementia is, what signs to look for, and what you should do if a loved one has it.

Chera and Linda are hosting another online program about dementia with us at 2 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 16. They will offer suggestions for caregivers on how to deal with difficult behaviors and give recommendations for tactics to use for successful behavior management. Their talk is open to all, free to attend, and will be broadcast via Zoom. You can RSVP online or call us at (440) 255-8811 ext. 247.

Families affected by dementia may also be interested in another program that we previously hosted about legal and financial planning for families impacted by Alzheimer’s and dementia.

By the way, we have several resources for families affected by dementia that you can borrow. That having been said, none of these resources are a substitute for medical advice.


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