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02 17, 2018

Terry Pluto discusses sports, faith & his favorite interview

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Sportswriting legend Terry Pluto visited us last Tuesday, and he had a lot to say on a range of topics.

He discussed:

  • why baseball is his favorite sport to write about
  • the last time he interviewed LeBron James one on one
  • the flowery phrases of Cleveland Indians pitcher Dennis Martinez
  • the most scared he’s ever been of an athlete
  • the last time sports made him cry
  • and how covering sports journalism has changed in the last 40 years.

Pluto has also written several columns and even books about his faith in God.

He talked about why and when he began writing columns about faith and how prayer affects his sportswriting.

Finally, he told us who his favorite person to interview is. (Surprise, it’s not an athlete!)

01 31, 2018

Author Scott Raab discusses hometown pride and Cleveland sports

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Scott Raab, author of You’re Welcome, Cleveland and The Whore of Akron, visited the library to talk about his love for Cleveland and its sports teams.

Raab spent decades interviewing celebrities for GQ and Esquire, and he’s mastered both sides of the Q & A. Watch our videos where he discusses:

  • the last time sports made him cry
  • his affection for Cleveland
  • why people care so passionately about sports
  • how his feelings gradually changed toward Indians mascot Chief Wahoo
  • the one thing he has in common with James Joyce.


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