02 12, 2020

Jill Grunenwald talks ‘Reading Behind Bars’ & recommending ‘Gatsby’ to inmates

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Jill Grunenwald visited us last month to discuss her new memoir, Reading Behind Barsabout her experience as a librarian in a men’s minimum-state prison.

She shared with us what she learned while working there, how she tried to help the inmates in her role as librarian, and how it affected her values. She also all tells what she thinks many people get wrong about incarcerated people.

Grunenwald’s book shares her poignancy and wit. If you enjoyed Orange Is the New Black or Shakespeare Saved My Life, then you should read it. (We even know this cool place where you can borrow it.)


10 13, 2019

Meet mystery author Vivien Chien at Mentor Library

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We were delighted to host Vivien Chien, author of the Noodle Shop mystery series, earlier this month. After her author talk, she sat down for an interview that was as fun and funny as she.

She explained why she enjoys writing mysteries, what a Noodle Shop Mysteries video game would look like, and tells us her favorite places to eat in AsiaTown in Cleveland.

Chien’s visit kicked off a Month of Mystery at Mentor Public Library. Throughout October, some of the best mystery and true-crime authors will be visiting us, including:

  • Brad Ricca, author of Mrs. Sherlock Holmes, the phenomenal true story of Grace Humiston, the first woman U.S. District Attorney, at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 17.
  • Jane Ann Turzillo, who will take us on a tour of the murderers, tricksters, train robbers, and more in Ohio’s wicked past at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

All of these author visits are open to all, free to attend, and require registration. Additionally, they’re all hosted at our Main Branch.

During our Mystery Month, you can also:

We also have mystery programs for all ages and at all of our branches, so visit our event calendar to see which intrigue you.

09 5, 2019

Discover the ‘Unique Eats & Eateries of Cleveland’

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Looking for new ideas on where to eat in Cleveland?

Get suggestions from the gourmands who literally wrote the book. Fran Golden and David Molyneaux, authors of Unique Eats and Eateries of Cleveland.

The native Clevelanders took a moment to speak with us when they visited the library recently. They share their love for the dim sum at Li Wah, artichokes at Gallucci’s, local staples like Sokolowski’s, and more.

By the way, you can visit our YouTube page for exclusive interviews with other critically acclaimed and bestselling authors like Paula McLain, Christina Baker Kline, Karin Slaughter, and Dan Chaon,

08 11, 2018

Mindy McGinnis & Cinda Williams Chima on fantasy, philosophy & the worst things they’ve ever written

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Mindy McGinnis and Cinda Williams Chima are award-winning, bestselling YA authors who were kind enough to visit us earlier this summer.

While here, they granted an interview where they discussed EVERYTHING. They talked about:

  • how to build believable fantasy worlds
  • the weirdest thing they ever researched for a story
  • how their philosophy degrees — yes, they both have degrees in philosophy — influence their writing
  • their favorite books written by each other
  • the worst things they’ve ever written.

02 17, 2018

Terry Pluto discusses sports, faith & his favorite interview

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Sportswriting legend Terry Pluto visited us last Tuesday, and he had a lot to say on a range of topics.

He discussed:

  • why baseball is his favorite sport to write about
  • the last time he interviewed LeBron James one on one
  • the flowery phrases of Cleveland Indians pitcher Dennis Martinez
  • the most scared he’s ever been of an athlete
  • the last time sports made him cry
  • and how covering sports journalism has changed in the last 40 years.

Pluto has also written several columns and even books about his faith in God.

He talked about why and when he began writing columns about faith and how prayer affects his sportswriting.

Finally, he told us who his favorite person to interview is. (Surprise, it’s not an athlete!)

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