09 8, 2018

Karin Slaughter on libraries, Lee Child & her favorite Flannery O’Connor quote

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New-York Times bestselling author Karin Slaughter is as fun to listen to as she is to read.

She was kind enough to allow an interview when she visited us for a book signing this summer. She discussed:

  • her love of libraries. In addition to her work as a writer, Karin is founder of the Save the Libraries project—a nonprofit organization established to support libraries.
  • saving money to buy books when she worked for minimum wage.
  • her favorite quote from one of her favorite authors, Flannery O’Connor.
  • what books she’s reading now.
08 11, 2018

Mindy McGinnis & Cinda Williams Chima on fantasy, philosophy & the worst things they’ve ever written

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Mindy McGinnis and Cinda Williams Chima are award-winning, bestselling YA authors who were kind enough to visit us earlier this summer.

While here, they granted an interview where they discussed EVERYTHING. They talked about:

  • how to build believable fantasy worlds
  • the weirdest thing they ever researched for a story
  • how their philosophy degrees — yes, they both have degrees in philosophy — influence their writing
  • their favorite books written by each other
  • the worst things they’ve ever written.

07 20, 2018

The Shipwrecks of Lake Erie with Mike & Georgann Wachter

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Mike and Georgann Wachter – local shipwreck hunters and authors – visited us earlier this month to discuss wrecks they’ve discovered and researched in Lake Erie.

For those who weren’t able to make it to their talk, they were kind enough to film an interview. They discuss:

  1. The agony and ecstasy of hunting for shipwrecks. Mike Wachter describes it as “hours of boredom for seconds of joy.”
  2. How they research the stories of their sunken vessels.
  3. Why the Great Lakes are the best place to search for shipwrecks.
  4. Why so many boats wreck in Lake Erie, in particular.

The husband-and-wife team have written books and several articles on the more than 2,000 sunken ships in Lake Erie. For more information on Erie wrecks, visit their website.

07 18, 2018

Photographing Rock Stars with Janet Macoska

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For more than 40 years, Janet Macoska has photographed rock ‘n’ roll royalty when they rumble through town. She’s probably your favorite rocker’s favorite photographer.

David Bowie liked her picture of him so much he hung it in his home. Her portrait of Paul McCartney hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

When she visited us earlier this month, she was kind enough to share some highlights from her career, including:

  • her favorite bands to photograph
  • some of the challenges facing modern concert photographers
  • the best photos that she’s ever taken in her career.

She also offers advice to aspiring photographers.

For more of Macoska, check out her book, All Access ClevelandAll Access compiles 340 of her favorite photos from more than four decades in rock ‘n’ roll photography.

06 19, 2018

Derf Backderf on censorship, counterculture & ‘My Friend Dahmer’

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John “Derf” Backderf — the graphic novelist who wrote My Friend DahmerTrashed and the comic strip, The City — visited us earlier this month.

Derf also allowed us to interview him. He discussed:

  • getting fired from his first job “for general tastelessness.”
  • counterculture (In Derf’s words: “I don’t know if there is a counterculture anymore, frankly… The mainstream just erased that gap because they thought they could exploit it and they did.
  • comics (In Derf’s words: “Right now, it’s the golden era of comics. I’m not talking about the superdude stuff. That’s boring corporate product.”)
  • telling the autobiographical story of going to high school with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. (“Vigilance — if there’s a lesson at all, that would be one. Pay attention, especially the adults.”)

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