02 14, 2022

Catch the Hatch!

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Starting Monday, Feb. 21, we’ll have special guests – little chicken eggs that are getting ready to hatch – in the children’s department at our Main Branch. We’ll have an incubator set up and families may even get to see the eggs as they hatch.

They’re expected to hatch by March 14. Once the eggs are almost ready, you ‘ll be able to watch the Hatch Cam on our Twitch channel. After hatching, the chicks will live at our Main Branch for a week before heading onto their forever home.

Additionally, families can learn all about chicks and eggs during a program we’re hosting with Jess Nestor from Meyer Hatchery at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 3, at our Main Branch. Nestor will talk about the process of chicken egg hatching and answer any questions kids may have about what comes first. Registration is required. Sign up online or by calling us at (440) 255-8811 ext. 3.

02 27, 2020

Our eggs have arrived!

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Our eggs should be hatching sometime around mid-March.

Our eggs should be hatching sometime around mid-March.

We have some brand new and very special guests in the children’s department at our Main Branch – a clutch of chicken eggs! You can see them in their incubator, and you may even get to watch them hatch.

We want to thank Jess from Meyer Hatchery. Not only did she deliver our eggs, she also brought some chicks to the library so the kids can see what our birds will look like once they shed their shells.

Our eggs should take about three weeks to hatch, so make sure to come see them. You can even suggest their names.

After hatching, we will have baby chicks for about a week and then we will take them to Chagrin Valley School. So come and visit them anytime while we’re open.

08 10, 2018

Celebrating Summer Reading with some WILD friends

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The crowd gets close to Cornelius, the corn snake.

The crowd gets close to Cornelius, the corn snake.

We celebrated the summation of a spectacular summer filled with reading by inviting Jungle Terry and his traveling zoo to our Read House.

More than 300 kids and adults came to our Summer Reading Finale Party and met, touched, and learned about the mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians in Jungle Terry’s entourage.

You all had a busy summer! Nearly 1,500 kids signed up for our Summer Reading program and read more than 18,000 hours.

Meanwhile, more than 700 teens and adults joined us for Summer Reading and read more than 4,000 books.

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