We host a lot of programs at Mentor Public Library and it’s hard to catch them all.

And sometimes you miss one you really wanted to see.

That’s why we’ve started MPL Talks, where we post full programs online for you to watch at your convenience. It’s not quite the same as being there. (For example, you don’t get to ask questions.) But it’s better than missing out.

Recently, our own Dr. John Foster—who, in addition to being a librarian, also has a doctorate degree in history—discussed the Fall of Berlin as part of our Major Battles of World War II series.

Foster examined:

  • the rivalry between Russian Generals Ivan Konev and Georgy Zhukov
  • Stalin’s ambitions for a post-war Germany and his attempts to manipulate his Western allies
  • the differences in Stalin’s and Hitler’s military expertise
  • the final days of Hitler and the Third Reich
  • the difference between Berlin in 1945 and now.

As part of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Foster will discuss the rise of National Socialism in Germany at 7 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 30, at our Main Branch. The talk is free and open to everyone. You can register to attend on our website.

Previous WWII talks at Mentor Public Library can be watched on our YouTube page, including: