MPL Talks: Nazism in Power

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If Dr. John Foster’s talk on the rise of National Socialism in Germany intrigued you, its sequel will fascinate you.

Recently, Foster—who, in addition to being a librarian, also has a doctorate degree in history—discussed the Nazi Party in power both before and during World War II.

We now share it here, so you may enjoy it—even if you missed the talk initially.

During the program, Foster examines:

  • how National Socialism’s particular brand of anti-Semitism was especially malevolent. (Not that any form of bigotry is admirable.)
  • how Adolf Hitler’s Germany gradually dehumanized and then exterminated certain sub-populations of humans.
  • how the Nazi Party wasn’t organized—and we use that word loosely—as most people expect or assume.
  • the inherent danger in deciding a group of people “isn’t one of us.”

If you love WWII history and enjoy Foster’s talks, you’ll want to catch his new Major Leaders of World War II series.

The first talk is 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 20, at our Main Branch. The topic will be the life of Hitler. (It will be his birthday, after all.)

The program is free and open to everyone. However, we do ask that you register beforehand. You can sign up online or call us at (440) 255-8811 ext. 216.

Other historical talks by Foster can be watched on our YouTube page, including: