The Life & Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Even if you watched Little House on the Prairie or read the books that inspired the show, how well do you know their author, Laura Ingalls Wilder?

Because her life is – well, wilder – than anything in her phenomenal fiction.

Travel back to the Pioneer Years with your tour guide, MPL Reference Librarian Meredith Tomeo. Learn:

  • which stories from Wilder’s life didn’t make it into her books
  • all about Rose Wilder, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s headstrong daughter who was instrumental in getting her mother published
  • how a Missouri library was duped out of the right to the Little House books.

By the way, several of Wilder’s books (including her letters and autobiography) are available in our collection. Feel free to read (or re-read) them, if you wish. It’s a fun way to visit Wilder’s world before the program.