International Holocaust Remembrance Day

01 27, 2019

International Holocaust Remembrance Day: The Infamous Auschwitz

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Each year, our resident historian Dr. John Foster hosts a special program for International Holocaust Day.

In past years, he’s discussed the Nuremberg Trials, rise of National Socialism in Germanyand origins of the Nazi’s Final Solution.

This year, his topic was Auschwitz, the most notorious of Nazi Germany’s death camps. He discussed its grisly purpose, some of its most famous survivors, and the overwhelming evidence that it served as a death camp.

By the way, each year Foster gives a series of lectures about American history. His previous topics include the Battles of World War II and US Presidents of the 20th Century. This year, he’ll discuss the American Revolution.

The series begins at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 21, at our Main Branch. The topic is the origins of the Revolution.

Finally, if you’re interested, most of Foster’s previous historical talks can be viewed in their entirety on our YouTube channel.

01 22, 2018

MPL Talks: The Nuremberg Trials

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We hosted a special program about the Nuremberg Trials for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

After World War II, surviving Nazi officials faced trial for their crimes. Those trials and their outcomes still impact global politics today.

The speaker was our own Dr. John Foster. In addition to being a reference librarian, Foster earned a doctorate degree in history with a specialization in Modern German History. For previous International Holocaust Remembrance Days, he discussed the life of Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel and the rise of National Socialism in Germany.

Foster’s talk is available online in its entirety for those who were not able to join us last week.

Other historical talks by Foster can be watched on our YouTube page, including:

02 10, 2017

MPL Talks: The Rise of National Socialism in Germany

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We host a lot of programs at Mentor Public Library and it’s hard to catch them all.

And sometimes you miss one you really wanted to see.

That’s why we’ve started MPL Talks, where we post full programs online for you to watch at your convenience. It’s not quite the same as being there. (For example, you don’t get to ask questions.) But it’s better than missing out.

Recently, our own Dr. John Foster—who, in addition to being a librarian, also has a doctorate degree in history—discussed the Rise of National Socialism in Germany as part of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Foster examined:

  • Adolf Hitler’s rise to popularity and power
  • how the instability and failure of the Weimar Republic created fertile ground for National Socialism
  • the pseudo-scientists who encouraged Germany’s anti-Semitism
  • what a terrible book Mein Kampf  is.

Other historical talks by Foster can be watched on our YouTube page, including:


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