10 9, 2021

The French Revolution & The Tennis Court Oath

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There’s no love on this tennis court!

Our resident historian, Dr. John Foster, talks about the causes of The French Revolution and what led to the famous Tennis Court Oath. He also explains how the oath changed history – not just for France, but for the western world.

This talk is the third in a series of lectures from Dr. Foster about the history of the French Revolution. Both of the previous lectures in Foster’s series can be viewed online (though you don’t have to watch them to understand Dr. Foster’s upcoming talk):

In addition to being a reference librarian, Foster has a doctorate degree in history. He has taught history at both high school and college levels. Previously, he has led series on the Battles of World War IIthe Cold Warthe American Revolution and US Presidents of the 20th Century at the library.

12 13, 2019

Revisiting the Terror of the French Revolution

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History buffs revisited France in 1793 during a special program that we hosted earlier this month at the Concord Township Community Center.

In 1793, the French Revolution – which had started as a fight for human rights and justice – descended into a nightmare. Our local historian, Dr. John Foster, discussed how a fight for Enlightenment and democracy became a civil war in which former friends and allies turned on each other with terrifying consequences.

He also explained how The Terror has modern implications in how we approach political disagreements.

By the way, here are some of the books that Foster references during his talk:

This talk is a sequel to a program Foster led earlier this year on the origin of the French Revolution. You can watch it now on our YouTube channel.

In addition to being a reference librarian, Foster has a doctorate degree in history. He has taught history at both high school and college levels. Previously, he has led series on the Battles of World War II, US Presidents of the 20th Century, and the Revolutionary War at our library.

02 21, 2019

The Coming of the French Revolution

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Our resident historian Dr. John Foster discussed the origin of the French Revolution during a lecture earlier this week.

We’ve posted the talk online in its entirety for this unable to attend. (By the way, sorry for the technical glitches. We hope you enjoy the video anyhow.)

Foster explains:

  • how France’s enormous debt precipitated the Revolution
  • how the Third Estate (that is, everyone but nobility and clergy) wrested power from the nobility and clergy
  • how public perception of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette is, in some ways, unfairly skewed
  • what ultimately doomed King Louis XVI
  • the relationship between the American and French revolutions.

Speaking of which, each year Foster gives a series of lectures about American history. His previous topics include the Battles of World War II and US Presidents of the 20th Century. This year, he’ll discuss the American Revolution.

The series begins at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 21, at our Main Branch. The topic is the origins of the Revolution.

Finally, if you’re interested, most of Foster’s previous historical talks can be viewed in their entirety on our YouTube channel.

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