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Use the CLEVNET app to find what you’re looking for

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Download the CLEVNET app and always have access to the combined collection of 46 library systems.

Download the CLEVNET app and always have access to the combined collection of 46 library systems.

The old Mentor Library app is no longer functional.

That’s because, starting now, you can use the CLEVNET app (available at the Google Play and App Store) to search for more than 12 million items across 46 library systems, including our own.

The app lets you:

  • Search the CLEVNET collection (including ebooks and e-audiobooks through OverDrive), place holds and manage your account
  • Access family members’ linked accounts
  • Find directions and contact information for the nearest library with its Nearest Library feature
  • Display a virtual library card for your primary account and linked accounts.
01 30, 2019


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Mentor Public Library is joining CLEVNET this May. And we’re happy to answer any questions that you may have.

You may have already heard the news. Mentor Public Library is joining CLEVNET!

We hope you’re excited, but you may also have questions. When? How? Will I need a new library card? Fortunately, we have answers.

1. Why did we transfer from SearchOhio to CLEVNET?

The library is switching to CLEVNET for a couple of reasons. One, we recently hosted focus groups and surveyed hundreds of our patrons while revising our strategic plan. And one of the most common requests – if not THE most common – was for us to join CLEVNET. (If you’re curious, other popular requests were for private study rooms and more outlets – both of which we’ve added to the Main Branch.)

Two, as more of our neighbors join CLEVNET (both Morley and Geauga Public Libraries joined recently,) it becomes a more convenient and attractive service to our patrons.

CLEVNET is a consortium of 45 library systems (soon to be 46) across 12 counties with more than 12 million items available for borrowing. All of the public libraries in Lake and Geauga County participate, which means you’ll only need one card for every library in the county. Additionally, once we join CLEVNET, you’ll be able to return items at all of these libraries, as well.

2. When will you get access to CLEVNET?

We will join CLEVNET on Monday, May 6. There’s nothing you need to do. Your card will automatically continue to work both here and at every other CLEVNET library.

3. When will I lose access to SearchOhio and OhioLINK?

The cutoff date is March 17. You will be able to receive your requested item as long as you order it by then.

4. Will access to OverDrive, Hoopla, Freegal or other digital media change?

Generally speaking, no. You’ll still be able to stream music and video with Hoopla, Freegal and Kanopy, borrow digital magazines with Flipster, and use ebooks and e-audiobooks like you did before.

However, you may notice one subtle change with OverDrive – that you have more options than ever. You’ll now have access to the shared CLEVNET ebook collection, one of the largest in the country. But you’ll still get first priority on digital materials that Mentor Public Library purchases.

5. What will happen if I already have a Mentor Public Library card and a card with another CLEVNET library?

You will have to choose which card you want to keep as your “home library.”

And there are some distinct advantages to sticking with Mentor. You’ll keep access to all of our digital services, including:

  • Hoopla for streaming music, video and audiobooks, as well as ebooks and comics
  • Freegal for music
  • Kanopy for top-shelf movies and documentaries from around the world
  • Flipster for digital editions of your favorite magazine
  • Niche Academy for video tutorials on how to use digital resources, including social media

If you choose to make another library your “home,” you’ll lose access to these services unless the other library also offers them.

6. Will I have to wait longer for items I request?

Wait time for any item depends on copies available and demand. Consequently, you’ll sometimes get items more quickly with CLEVNET and sometimes there may be a longer wait. However, Mentor Public Library patrons will always get first priority for requests on items owned by Mentor Public Library.

7. What if I prefer SearchOhio?

We realize that there’s no perfect collection out there. There’s always going to be some book or film missing from CLEVNET, SearchOhio… any library consortium.

The good news is that you don’t really have to choose. The library at Lakeland Community College and Lake Erie College are part of SearchOhio and OhioLink. And you don’t need to be a student at either college to get a library card there. At Lakeland, you can get a Community Borrower card, which lets you check out up to five items at a time, for free. All you need is a photo ID with a current address. (If your ID doesn’t have your current address, just bring a utility bill that does.)

8. Any additional benefits of joining CLEVNET?

Using CLEVNET is simple. As a card holder, you can:

  • borrow materials, place holds and have items delivered to any of the participating CLEVNET libraries in 12 counties using one library card.
  • return CLEVNET materials to any library in the consortium. Items will automatically be checked in at the returning CLEVNET library and sent back to the owning library.
  • access to new Research Databases you’ll have FREE access to, including Morningstar Investments and Reference USA.
  • connect to its eMedia services. Once again, Clevnet offers one of the largest and most extensive collection of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and streaming video.

Also, through resource sharing and with additional negotiating power, joining CLEVNET will save the library money in the long run.

If you have additional questions about CLEVNET, feel free to ask our staff.


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