05 2, 2021

Author Mary Hogan Crashes our Book Club

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You never know who’s going to show up at one of our book clubs! Author Mary Hogan was kind enough to crash our Senior Center Book Club this week to chat about her historical fiction novel, The Woman in the Photo. Hogan answered questions from the group and explained why the Johnstown Flood needs a better name (like the Johnstown Deluge or the Johnstown Cataclysm!)

She also talked about her love for Clara Barton and how much research goes into writing historical fiction.

Then, she explained how she accidentally got her start as a YA novelist and joked about her obsession with murder shows during the pandemic. (Relatable.)

You can visit our YouTube channel for more author interviews, including discussions with bestsellers like Karin Slaughter, Paula McLain and Christina Baker Kline, as well as upcoming authors like Stephen Markley and Rebekah Frumkin.

10 1, 2020

Ghost Stories from Lake County with the Haunted Housewives

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Join the Haunted Housewives for an online journey through the region's most fascinating haunts.

Join the Haunted Housewives for an online journey through the region’s most fascinating haunts on Wednesday, Oct.

Theresa Argie and Cathi Weber, collectively known as The Haunted Housewives, have spent decades investigating historical locations for evidence of haunting.

They’ll share urban legends, local lore, and tales from their own ghost-hunting adventures in Lake County and nearby during a special online program at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 14.

It will be hosted via Zoom and registration is required. People can sign up to watch online or call us at (440) 255-8811 ext. 247 to RSVP.

By the way, both Argie and Weber are authors. You can borrow America’s Most Haunted (by Argie,) Haunted Willoughby, Ohio (by Weber) or Love Beyond the Grave (by both) from Mentor Public Library.

09 18, 2020

How to Make Happiness Happen with Author Emily Capuria

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Author Emily Capuria explains why your happiness is important and offers practical steps you can take to become happier. Yes, even now.

Capuria is the author of Happiness Happens (which you can borrow from us) and owner of Balance & Thrive – a business that offers a holistic approach to managing stress, achieving goals, living a happy and fulfilling life.

The content of this video is the intellectual property of and copyrighted by Emily Capuria/Balance & Thrive, LLC. You can learn more at www.balancethrive.com.

09 11, 2020

9 ways to change our world with author Amy Neumann

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Amy Neumann shares nine ways that you can make a difference in the world… yes, even right now.

  1. Refer someone to 2-1-1
  2. Support a teacher with DonorsChoose.org
  3. Get your kids (and yourself) a library card
  4. Create a Facebook page that promotes positivity in your community
  5. Donate blood to the American Red Cross
  6. Think about diversity, equity and inclusion
  7. Let nonprofits know about Google’s Ads Grant
  8. Combine two things you love into a unique volunteering experience
  9. Create a helping calendar

Neumann is the writer of “Simple Acts to Change the World: 500 Ways to Make a Difference,” which you can borrow from your community library.

08 12, 2020

Amanda Flower Interview: Meet the mind behind the mysteries

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Bestselling and award-winning writer Amanda Flower is the mind behind more than 30 mystery novels, including The Magical Bookshop Mysteries, The Amish Candy Shop Mysteries, and the Magic Garden Mysteries – many of which you can borrow from your library.

She discusses her newest mystery, “Mums and Mayhem” as well as:

  • what inspired her Magic Garden Mystery series
  • what “the English” get wrong about Amish communities
  • her favorite job ever (and why it involved wearing a pink checkered ball gown)
  • where she finds joy and peace of mind during a global pandemic.

By the way, we love a good mystery at Mentor Public Library, and we’ve hosted several of our favorite mystery authors over the years. You can see our interviews with them (and, in a few cases, their entire talks) on our YouTube channel, including:

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