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11 11, 2019

Brad Ricca talks crime, comics & Cleveland

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Author Brad Ricca visited us earlier this October as part of our Mentor Mystery Month. He shared with us to the incredible story of Mrs. Grace Humiston, the detective and lawyer who turned her back on New York society life to become one of the nation’s greatest crime fighters.

Humiston was the subject of Ricca’s book, “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes : the true story of New York’s City’s greatest female detective and the 1917 missing girl case that captivated a nation.”

After his talk, we interviewed Ricca and he:

  • discussed his conflicted relationship with the true-crime genre
  • offered his theory for why so much comics talent comes from Cleveland
  • told us his favorite X-Man characters
  • and shared how comics legend Harvey Pekar changed his life.

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09 5, 2019

Discover the ‘Unique Eats & Eateries of Cleveland’

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Looking for new ideas on where to eat in Cleveland?

Get suggestions from the gourmands who literally wrote the book. Fran Golden and David Molyneaux, authors of Unique Eats and Eateries of Cleveland.

The native Clevelanders took a moment to speak with us when they visited the library recently. They share their love for the dim sum at Li Wah, artichokes at Gallucci’s, local staples like Sokolowski’s, and more.

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11 14, 2018

Les Roberts shares his love of John Steinbeck, ‘Gatsby’ & Bill Evans

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Les Roberts — the author of more than two dozen novels, including the beloved Milan Jacovich series — has a lot of loves.

In this interview, he shares his affection for John Steinbeck (specifically Grapes of Wrath), The Great Gatsby, jazz pianist Bill Evans, a well-selected word, the book as a tangible object, and meaningful connections between people.

Roberts is best known locally as the creator and author of private eye Milan Jacovich — a Stroh’s-sipping, ex-cop and Vietnam veteran with a taste for trouble and klobasa. Jacovich has starred in 19 novels, most of which occur in Roberts’ adopted hometown of Northeast Ohio.

Jacovich fans will definitely want to watch this video, because Roberts shares how he thinks his most famous character will die.

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10 26, 2018

‘Dopesick’ author Beth Macy recommends the best books on opioid epidemic

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Beth Macy – the writer of Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors & the Drug Company that Addicted America – visited Lake County earlier this month to discuss the opioid crisis that has wounded our nation.

Every day, more than 115 people die in the United States after overdosing on opioids. And Ohio has been disproportionately stricken. In 2017, it had the second-highest percentage of overdose deaths per population, second only to West Virginia.

However, there are resources available both to those suffering from addiction and their loved ones.

You can also deter people from abusing opioid medication by safely disposing of your excess prescription drugs. Mentor Public Library offers free Deterra bags, which do just that. The Deterra bags are available at the circulation desks of each of our branches. You can get one today.

In addition to speaking, Macy was kind enough to suggest other books (both fiction and nonfiction) that address the opioid epidemic. She recommends:

  • The Big Fix: Hope After Heroin by Tracey Helton Mitchell
  • Dreamland by Sam Quinones
  • Drug Dealer MD by Anna Lembke
  • What You Are Getting Wrong About Appalachia by Elizabeth Catte
  • Trampoline by Robert Gipe

By the way, Macy’s talk was organized by the Lake-Geauga League of Libraries, a partnership of all 10 public libraries in Lake and Geauga County. They combine resources to provide access to education and the arts in the region.

09 23, 2018

‘Ohio’ author Stephen Markley lists his favorite writers from Ohio

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Stephen Markley – author of the critically acclaimed novel Ohio – visited Lake County earlier this month. After his reading and author talk, he was kind enough to sit for an interview.

In fewer than four minutes, he discusses:

  • his favorite writers from his home state of Ohio
  • how his friends in the military helped make sure certain passages in Ohio felt authentic
  • who would be on the soundtrack for his debut novel
  • why He Got Game is his favorite Spike Lee film
  • who he’s reading now.



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