Discover the history behind one of Ohio’s most beautiful estates and the family that built it!

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens has held a place of pride in Akron for more than a century and welcomes thousands of visitors every year. It was built by Goodyear cofounder F.A. Seiberling and his family occupied the home from 1915 to 1955.

Julie Frey has been curator of Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens for eight years and has published six books on various aspects of the estate and Seiberling family. One of the things you learn listening to Julie: “Stan Hywet” is not a person who lived in the house. It’s an olde English term meaning “stone hewn.” You’ll also learn

  1. how the Seiberling family was involved with the creation of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  2. which member of the family refused to move out of Stan Hywet after the hall and its gardens became a museum.