It is the policy of the Mentor Public Library System to maintain an environment free from all forms of unlawful discriminatory harassment for all employees, including gender-based discrimination due to sexual harassment. In order to maintain this environment, discriminatory harassment, whether committed by supervisors, coworkers, or members of the public, of opposite or same gender is strictly prohibited. The Employer follows all federal, state, or local nondiscrimination laws.

1. Definition: Discriminatory harassment is any type of harassing conduct that is based upon an employee’s race, color, gender/sex, national origin or ancestry, age, religion, military or veteran’s status, disability, pregnancy, or genetic history information. Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, the following:

a. Repeated unwanted and/or offensive sexual flirtations, advances, or propositions;
b. Repeated verbal abuse of a sexual nature;
c. Graphic or degrading verbal or written comments about an individual, the individual’s appearance, or the individual’s sexual orientation;
d. The display of sexually suggestive objects, pictures, or the display of same through other media;
e. Request for sexual favors;
f. The implication or threat that an employee’s or applicant’s employment, assignment, compensation, advancement, career development, or other condition of employment will depend on the employee or applicant’s submission to sexual harassment in any form;
g. Any offensive, abusive, or unwanted physical contact;
h. Any other conduct or behavior that may be construed as being sexually degrading or offensive.

2. Responsibility:

a. It is the responsibility of all employees to aid the Employer in maintaining a work environment free from discrimination, including sexual harassment. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each employee, including supervision and management, to immediately report any instances of discriminatory harassment to the proper authority (see Discriminatory Harassment Complaint Procedure, Section 2.04). Any employee who observes any conduct that may constitute discriminatory harassment or unlawful discrimination of any Library employee or person requesting services from the Library, but fails to report same, shall be disciplined.
Employees who make complaints of harassment or provide information related to such complaints or incidents shall not be retaliated against by the Library or any employee of the Library. Any employee involved in retaliation that results in an adverse employment action will be terminated.
b. It is further the responsibility of the Director to ensure that all employees under their supervision are aware of the policy against discriminatory harassment, that they are aware of the complaint and reporting procedures, and the consequences of engaging in discriminatory harassment.
c. It is the responsibility of the Director to maintain an environment free from discriminatory harassment. The Director shall familiarize themselves with this policy, the complaint and reporting procedures, the proper methods of investigating complaints of sexual harassment, and the disciplinary procedures regarding sexual harassment.
d. The Director shall also ensure that all employees are aware of this policy, will ensure that all employees receive a copy of this policy, and maintain an environment free from discriminatory harassment.