Our Main Branch now offers sensory kits that are designed to help patrons of all abilities have a more enjoyable and meaningful time while visiting the library.

The sensory kits are available for all ages and needs but are geared toward youths with autism or sensory processing disorders. These kits include items that can provide a calming effect and block out background noises. The different kits contain a variety of items, including stress balls, a weighted blanket, fidgets and child-sized noise-cancelling headphones.

We have 7 different types of bags:
  • Auditory includes pop toobs, noise protector, and other items that make noise
  • My Sensory Bag includes a light-up aquarium, atom ball, squeezers, weighted lap pad, and headphones
  • Proprioception Sensory Bag includes a weighted snake, massage roll, weighted lap pad, and more
  • Fidgit and Fun Backpack includes fidgit toys and a massage roll
  • Sensory on the Go includes a light-up aquarium, weighty snake, atom ball, and headphones
  • Tactile Awareness includes different items that can be touched
  • Visual Sensory Backpack includes a light-up fan, glitter tube, and other items that light up

The kits can be checked out from the Children’s Services desk on the Main Branch’s second floor and are only for use in the library.