The presidential election of 1864 had no precedent. Waged during a Civil War, both the Democratic and relatively young Republican party suffered from fissures in their bases and platforms. President Abraham Lincoln was convinced that he would lose the election to George McClellan, a general who he had fired twice.

Find out why Lincoln was wrong during this presentation from the experts at James A. Garfield National Historic Site.

Our monthly Civil War series with James A. Garfield National Historic Site continues at noon on Wednesday, Dec. 9. The topic will be General William Tecumseh Sherman’s March to the Sea. The talk will be hosted via Zoom. Registration is required. You can sign up online or call us at (440) 255-8811 ext. 247.

History buffs will also enjoy our upcoming conversation between Dr. Benjamin T. Arrington and Dr. John Foster on Arrington’s new book about the presidential election of 1880which saw James A. Garfield elected to our nation’s highest office. The conversation will be hosted via Zoom at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 7. All are welcome.

By the way, if you’re interested in Civil War history, several talks in our Civil War series can be viewed online in their entirety, including: