Ozobot Bit is a robot that will help teach basic coding skills. Children 5+ can code screen-free with Color Codes on paper and progress to block-based programming with Ozobot Blockly online.

The Ozobot can be reserved in Libcal. An adult must check out the robot. The checkout period is two weeks with no renewals. Overdue fines are $5 per day, with a maximum of $25.

We circulate OzoBot with a black, green, red, and blue marker.


Ozobot Color Code information can be found at https://ozobot.com/create/color-codes or in this PDF
Ozobot Color Codes Chart.

To start with colors codes, you can print these Activity Guides:

You can also draw codes on plain paper or graph paper.

OzoBlockly can be accessed through a computer or smart device at https://ozobot.com/create/ozoblockly