The Mentor Public Library provides meeting rooms for library-sponsored or co-sponsored programs which meet the library’s civic, informational, cultural, educational, and recreational service goals. Library sponsored or co-sponsored programs have first priority in scheduling. The Library may choose to partner with organizations or businesses to provide fee-based services or goods if they are deemed to be in the public interest and fit the mission of the Library.

Rooms available for rental are: Main Library’s James R. Garfield Room, Frances Cleveland Room, Village Room; and Lake Branch’s Beryl B. Paulson Room and Schudel Room. Rooms are available for reservation from opening to one hour before library closing.

When the meeting rooms are not in use for library activities or library-sponsored activities, they shall be available, on a preferred-status format to qualified organizations exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or non-profit organizations operated exclusively for charitable purposes as defined in division of ORC 5739.02 (B)(12) (non-profit documentation may be required), local community organizations and committees, and for group-study use at no rental charge. Then they shall be made available to tutors, businesses, and private individuals/groups on a first-come, first–serve basis under the following guidelines as approved by the Board of Trustees. Rooms cannot be reserved more than three (3) months prior to your requested date.

Policy Guidelines

Policy for use of the Mentor Public Library facilities is determined by the Board of Trustees of the Library and administered by the Library’s Executive Director or the Director’s designee. All activities and programs conducted in the Library and its facilities are subject to the general rules and regulations of the Mentor Public Library. Questions not covered in this policy, will be decided by the Board and/or Executive Director at their earliest convenience.

Meeting rooms are available to non-profit groups whose headquarters are located in or who provide services to the residents of the Mentor Library District (City of Mentor, City of Mentor-on-the-Lake, and portions of Concord Township and Kirtland Hills) or Lake County.

In all rentals, the individual reserving the room is required to have a valid MPL Library or Clevnet card in good standing, be at least 18 years old, and a resident of the State of Ohio. This person will be designated as the responsible party and must be in attendance for the entire rental period and is responsible for the conduct of the group and for any loss or damage to library property and/or equipment.

Minors may use the meeting room provided the reserving applicant is both in attendance at the meeting and signs the application form. For groups comprised primarily of minors, applicant agrees to have one adult in attendance in a supervisory capacity for every ten minors; minors should be supervised by an adult at all times.

Failure to abide by the Library’s Meeting Room Rules may result in loss of the privilege to reserve and use meeting rooms. It may further result in termination of scheduled meetings, removal from the Library and incurred penalties.

Conditions for Use

Rooms are available for use, within the guidelines and priorities of the “Meeting Room Policy,” by all groups regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of any group or its individual members.

Group activities may not interfere with the conduct of library business. Facilities may not be used for activities in conflict with any current Library policy or for purposes prohibited by any local, state, or federal law or regulation. Unlawful activity will be reported to appropriate local authorities.

The Library reserves the right to enforce fire codes, noise limitations or any other rule approved by the Library Board, to cancel any reservation for failure to follow library rules, to preserve a safe environment, or for any emergency that may arise. Activities involving the presence or use of any firearms, live ammunition or hazardous substances are not permitted (excluding the use of law enforcement personnel in the normal scope of their duties).

The Library reserves the right to discontinue use of the meeting rooms by any group that disturbs the usual operation and/or proceedings of the Library; or in any manner abuses the privilege of use of the room, or to suspend permission to use these rooms for any other reasonable reason, including the need to schedule the meeting room for library-related functions.

Neither the name nor the address of the Library or its holdings may be used as the address or the headquarters of any organization meeting in the Library.

Room rentals are only available for use during designated open public service hours. The Library will not admit anyone to the building before opening or after closing time. All meetings must end, and rooms must be vacated, one-half hour prior to regularly scheduled Library closing times. As a noncommercial, governmental service, the Library reserves the right to determine if the sole or primary purpose of a meeting is for the commercial sale of any product or service and to prohibit meetings determined to be primarily for this reason.

No funds of any kind or admission fees may be solicited or collected at the Library. Sale of products or services is not permitted on Library property unless it is a Library-sponsored event.

No onsite storage is available in rental facilities, and the Library assumes no responsibility for property before or after a meeting, or for lost or damaged articles. Only applicants holding contiguous room reservations may be permitted to keep items on the premises overnight.

Regular library parking and public restrooms are available at each rental facility. Library staff will not be responsible for taking telephone messages for guests attending meetings in library meeting rooms.

The Library reports statistics on use of its meeting rooms. At the conclusion of each meeting/event, please complete the attendance report and leave it in the rental room.

Set Up

No materials may be attached to meeting room walls, doors, or windows. A white board is available in the Frances Cleveland Room, Village Room and Beryl B Paulson Room. Please follow the guidelines for use as posted. A limited number of library easels are available upon request for use in other rooms.

Groups are responsible for transporting, setting up and operating their own equipment. A cart can be provided upon request for bringing such equipment into the building.

Groups that view videos must secure all necessary performance licenses and indemnify the library for any failure to do so. The use of the Library’s audio-visual equipment in the James R. Garfield Room, Beryl B. Paulson Room, or Village Room may be arranged at the time of reservation.

Room users are responsible for the set up for their meetings. Clean up is the responsibility of the user and rooms are to be returned to like condition. Clean up includes wiping tables and chairs, as needed, with the appropriate provided supplies. Floors should be vacuumed or swept as needed. A vacuum for Main and Lake rentals can be requested at the Circulation Desk if not in the room. Cleaning supplies are available onsite. Garbage should be disposed of in the appropriate provided receptacles.

Applicants agree to accept liability for any theft of property or damage to a facility, its furniture or equipment caused by the occupancy of said premises by their organization and any resulting damages will be charged to the sponsoring group and deducted from the initial deposit.

Total hours requested must include set-up and clean-up time. Rental period begins when the room is opened. The clean-up and load-out of equipment and personal belongings must be completed within the timeframe on the rental agreement and within the framework of the Library’s public service hours. Applicant is responsible for arranging furniture as necessary for their event and returning the room to its original condition.

The Library and meeting rooms are wheelchair accessible. Any other special needs of persons using the rooms should be brought to the attention of the events facilitator at least 48 hours in advance of a scheduled meeting so that, if possible, the request can be filled.

Organizations/groups which are sponsoring programs/activities open to the general public are responsible for complying with accessibility requirements as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Adequate aisle space must be provided, and doors must not be blocked.

Advertising/Marketing Events

The Mentor Public Library does not endorse or approve any group applying to use Library meeting rooms or facilities, and makes no endorsement, express or implied, of any non-library event held by any person or group using Library facilities pursuant to the Mentor Public Library’s Meeting Room Rules and Regulations. Nor does the booking of a group and the content of its subsequent meeting constitute an endorsement of, or any opinion about, the philosophy of such group by the Library.

No written or oral announcements or advertisements implying any Library endorsement of a group or its activities are permitted, unless the activity is truly and formally being cosponsored by the Library. Therefore, advertisements should carry a disclaimer that states “The Mentor Public Library Board of Trustees, Administration and Staff do not endorse or approve any group applying to use Library meeting rooms or facilities, and makes no endorsement, express or implied, of any non-library event.”

In addition, the Library’s telephone number may not be used on any promotional materials, unless the event is Library-sponsored. The Library requests that all marketing/advertising materials should contain a contact number for your group.

Groups using Library meeting rooms may not post signs inside or outside the Library or give materials to patrons in or around the Library. Handouts may be made available on a table inside the meeting room for those attending the meeting to pick up if they desire.

The Library will accommodate directional advertising.

The Library reserves the right to take photographs for meetings/events open to the public.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and/or use of illegal substances of any kind is strictly prohibited.

No red punch may be served.

No food or drink (outside of bottled or covered beverages) will be allowed in the rooms without prior permission. If permission is granted, a $50 refundable cleaning deposit may be required. Simple refreshments may only be served in designated rooms provided the place is left in the same condition as it was found.

Users must bring their own supplies and utensils.

The group will be charged for any and all damages beyond normal wear and tear on the furniture, carpet and equipment.

Groups assume responsibility for making sure all used paper goods and food remains are put in the appropriate supplied trash receptacles before vacating the premises.

Additional Equipment

Wireless internet access is available in all facilities. Standard library-use policies will apply.

Use of the library’s audio-visual equipment can be arranged when making the reservation. The remote control for the audio-visual equipment and computer cables can be checked-out by a group member with their Mentor Public Library or Clevnet card in good standing (fines under $10.00) at the Reference Desk for the equipment’s use during the reservation prior to the start of your event. A $50 replacement fee will be assessed for a lost remote.

Unless prior arrangements are made to include additional items in the rental agreement, or the program is co-sponsored by the Library, meeting rooms do not include the use of any other Library equipment or supplies.

Groups must bring their own laptop with appropriate HDMI or VGA connections, or iPad with app, and presenter remote to use with the library’s projection units.

How do you reserve a meeting room?

  • Electronically check our meeting room calendar to check availability of a specific time and date or to schedule a room reservation.
  • Photos of the meeting rooms can be seen on the Library’s website.
  • A Mentor Public Library or Clevnet card in good standing (fines under $10.00) is required to make a reservation.
  • Email or phone the Main Library at 440-255-8811 ext. 233, or 440-257-2512 at the Lake Branch..
  • Alternately, a patron with a Mentor Public Library card in good standing, may complete a reservation request online from our website.
  • Complete and return the Library Use Rental Agreement.

Organizations/groups/individuals must submit a rental agreement in advance of the date being requested.

All payments should accompany your signed agreement and should be received one week in advance of the rental in order to be processed for approval. (Please see “Fees” section for additional information).

Applications can be submitted in person to: Attention: Executive Assistant; Mentor Public Library, 8215 Mentor Avenue, Mentor, OH 44060 OR Attention: Branch Manager, Mentor-on-the-Lake Branch, 5642 Andrews Road, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060 during regular Library hours, or mailed to the same address.

Due to anticipated demands for room rentals, use by individuals/groups is limited to three times per quarter. However, if rooms are available, additional times may be reserved, but requests may only be made 48 hours in advance of the desired date.

Reservations can only be made three months prior to the date being requested. Non-profit organizations may reserve rooms ten days prior to the aforementioned reservation policy.


While every effort is made to honor all reservations, MPL reserves the right to cancel any engagement with a minimum of a two-week notice, except for weather, utility issues, or any other reason beyond the control of the Library. In such an unusual case, as much notice as possible will be given and all payments will be refunded due to the relevant circumstances.

Groups should notify the Library of cancellations at least 48 hours in advance to insure return of their deposits. Later cancellation shall result in loss of deposit and/or other use fees. The Library reserves the right to suspend or restrict permission for use of its facilities to applicants who repetitively cancel confirmed reservations.


Room use fees and rates vary depending on the facility, scope of the event, and the type of sponsoring organization. Payment is required one week before a scheduled event to secure a reservation. Room charges may be added directly to a patron’s library account through the SIRSI system at the time of reservation and can be paid online with a charge card or paid at the library by using cash, check or charge. Charge card payments cannot be made over the phone.

A $50 refundable deposit is required for all reservations where more than light refreshments will be served. This deposit should be issued as a separate check made payable to “Mentor Public Library” and will be held in reserve for any janitorial needs or damage and returned to the applicant when rental is complete and without incident. Repetitive abuse or damage may result in forfeiture of future use of the facilities.

Main Library Rates

Village Room

    • located in the lower level of the Main Library
    • seats 50-100 people (minimum of 30)
    • $80.00 – 3 hours
    • $150.00 – all day
    • 12 rectangular tables, chairs
    • wireless internet access
    • projection equipment, projection screen, podium
    • sink facilities, refrigerator
    • light refreshments may be served
    • users must bring their own supplies and utensils

      James R. Garfield Room

        • located in the lower level of the Main Library
        • seats 50-60 people
        • $50.00 – 3 hours
        • $100 – all day
        • 10 rectangular tables, chairs
        • wireless internet access
        • projection screen, projection equipment, podium
        • sink facilities, small refrigerator
        • light refreshments may be served
        • users must bring their own supplies and utensils

          Frances Cleveland Room

            • located on the 2nd level of the Main Library
            • seats up to 15 people
            • $40.00 – 3 hours
            • $80.00 – all day
            • seminar tables, chairs
            • whiteboard
            • wireless internet access
            • no kitchen facilities
            • bottled or covered beverages only

              Branch Meeting Rooms

              Beryl B. Paulson Meeting Room – Lake Branch

                • located on the 1st floor – Mentor-on-the-Lake Branch
                • will seat up to 60 people
                • $50.00 – 3 hours
                • $100 – all day
                • 10 rectangular tables, 60 chairs
                • wireless internet access
                • projection screen, projection equipment, podium
                • sink facilities, small refrigerator
                • light refreshments may be served
                • users must bring their own supplies and utensils

                  Schudel Room – Lake Branch

                  • located on the 1st floor – Mentor-on-the-Lake Branch
                  • will seat up to 10 people
                  • $20 – 3 hours
                  • $50 – all day
                  • seminar tables, chairs
                  • wireless internet access
                  • bottled or covered beverages only

                      Approved by the Mentor Public Library Board of Trustees
                      December 16, 2009
                      Revised December 16, 2015, Resolution #15-108
                      Revised March 17, 2021, Resolution #21-037
                      Updated by the Board of Trustees November 17, 2021, Resolution #21-101