BooksMentor Public Library now automaticall renews borrowed books, movies and more.

This allows you to enjoy your books, music and videos longer and decrease the likelihood of fines.

There are a few exceptions to this policy. Items will not renew automatically:

  • If another patron puts them on hold.
  • If the cardholder owes more than $10 in fines.
  • The item has reached the maximum number of renewals.
  • If the item is digital like an eBook, eAudiobook, streaming music or video.
  • If the item is not available for renewal like hotspots, eReaders, ukuleles, traffic cones, and the too-hot-to-hold books and videos in the library’s collection.

All other items will automatically renew

Here’s how it works: If an item isn’t on hold and can be renewed, it will renew two days before its due date, starting from its due date. That means you will get a full additional loan period for that item.

Click here for more information on loan periods and renewals at Mentor Public Library.