Has COVID-19 thrown your finances into disarray? You’re not alone!

That’s why we’re sharing this free program from Steve Leskovec of Western Reserve Consulting. He explains the seven steps that you can take to ensure financial freedom.

Those steps include:

  1. Building an emergency fund.
  2. Paying off your debt.
  3. Saving 3 to 6 months in expenses.
  4. Investing in your retirement.
  5. Paying for your children’s college.
  6. Paying off your home early.
  7. Building wealth and giving.

Leskovec offers the best practices for decreasing debt, funding retirement, and paying for college. He also provides practical advice for budgeting and selecting an investment advisor.

By the way, if you’re an entrepreneur, Leskovec previously offered advice for financial wellness in the workplace. You can watch that here, as well.