1863 was the crucial year of the Civil War, perhaps the most important year in US history.

Dr. John Foster of Mentor Public and Dr. Todd Arrington of James A. Garfield National Historic Site describe the momentous moments of latter 1863 — battles in Tennessee, race riots in New York — and their importance to our country’s history. Dr. Foster focuses on the western front while Dr. Arrington limns the east.

This is our second lecture on the pivotal year 1863. You can view the first lecture now on our YouTube channel.

Arrington is the site manager of James A. Garfield National Historic Site in Mentor and holds a doctorate in history from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He’s also the author of The Last Lincoln Republican: The Presidential Election of 1880.

In addition to being a reference librarian, Foster has a doctorate degree in history. He has taught history at both high school and college levels. Previously, he has led series on the Battles of World War IIthe Cold Warthe American RevolutionThe Vietnam Wars, and US Presidents of the 20th Century at the library.

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