Read Marvel & Star Wars comics for free with Hoopla

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Christmas has come early for comics lovers, because Hoopla just added dozens of Marvel and Star Wars comics to its collection. And you can read them for free.

We’ve talked about Hoopla before. It’s a cool digital service we offer that lets you stream music, TV shows and movies anywhere and at any time for free.

It’s also gradually accumulated one of the best comics collections that you can read for free. And it’s just added Spider-Man, Star Wars, X-Men, and The Avengers to its offerings.

Here are 10 of our favorites—which, not to belabor the point, you can now read for free.

  1. Runaways—Every teen thinks their parents are evil, but the parents in Brian K. Vaughan’s Runaways are the actual leaders of a murderous cult. Their six, superpowered kids flee home, vowing to stop their moms and dads. If you liked the Hulu series, you’ll love the comics that inspired them.
  2. 1602—We mainly associate Neil Gaiman with Sandman (which is also available on Hoopla,) but he wrote for Marvel, as well. 1602 drops familiar Marvel characters like Wolverine, Steven Strange, and Doctor Doom in an unfamiliar locale: the twilight of the Elizabethan Era in England. The key to this madness is Virginia Dare, a young girl recently arrived from the New World.
  3. Black Panther—There are a lot of talented authors writing comics but not many National Book Award winners. Ta-Nehisi Coates takes Black Panther in a revolutionary new direction. T’Challa’s nation of Wakanda is under attack from a violent, superpowered terrorist organization. For his country to survive, T’Challa must confront both the antagonists and centuries of tradition.
  4. X-Men: Dark Phoenix SagaJean Grey, heart and soul of the X-Men for decades, has gained cosmic powers beyond her own comprehension. But we all know what absolute power does. Read the story that influenced TV shows, decades of storytelling, and the latest X-Men film.
  5. Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon—Comics don’t often have the luxury of telling quiet stories. Despots rise, aliens attack, and downtowns are constantly being flattened. But Hawkeye, which features both The Avengers’ Clint Barton and his don’t-you-dare-call-her-a-sidekick Kate Bishop, excels at those small moments that occur between world-saving missions. If you’re tired of overbearing, crossover epics, Hawkeye is your antidote.
  6. Darth VaderThe original Dark Lord of the Sith stars in his first ongoing series. See the war between the Empire and Rebel Alliance through the eyes of one of pop culture’s most popular villains.
  7. Civil War—Hero fights hero when Captain America and Iron Man argue over public safety and personal liberty. Teams, friendships, and families are torn apart as the Marvel Universe goes to war with itself.
  8. Ms. Marvel: No Normal—Kamala Khan is unlike any other superhero out there, and not just because she’s Muslim, a teenager, or from Jersey City. Kamala believes a superhero needs to be more than superpowered. She should also be, well, heroic. After all, good isn’t something you are. It’s something you do. Follow her first adventures as she discovers the secrets and dangers behind her powers.
  9. Daredevil: Born Again—The single most important Daredevil story ever told. Karen Page, Matt Murdock’s former lover, has traded away the Daredevil’s secret identity for a drug fix. Now, Murdock must find strength as the Kingpin wastes no time taking him down as low as a human can get.
  10. Old Man Logan—So many of our superheroes are functionally indestructible. Even when they die, they resurrect within a year or two (sometimes with a new costume.) That’s what makes Old Man Logan so affecting. In this story, Wolverine—perhaps, the most indestructible her of all—isn’t just old. He’s tired. He’s post-heroic. But when an old friend arrives to ask a favor, he’ll unsheathe his claws one more time.

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