10 9, 2019

Stream movies, TV, concerts, lectures & more with RBDigital

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If you’re tired of paying for some combination of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple+, and everything else plus, then you should know that your most cost-effective streaming option is your library card.

You can stream movies and TV with Hoopla, film and documentaries from around the world with Kanopy, and now we’ve added RBDigital so your library card gives you more streaming options than ever.

And you can use all these services – Hoopla, Kanopy, and RBDigital – for free with your Mentor Public Library card.

Here are some of the new viewing options that you have with RBDigital:

  • Anglophiles rejoice! Acorn TV provides you with complete seasons of more than 80 world-class mysteries, dramas, and comedies from Britain, including Agatha Raisin, Doc Martin, and Foyle’s War. Start browsing now!
  • Never stop learning with The Great Courses Library Collection. Some of the top professors in the world share their expertise on topics ranging from Money Management Skills to the Fundamentals of Photography and Physics and our Universe. Science, art, literature, travel – whatever you love, there’s a course about it. So what do you want to learn next?
  • LY5878-Stingray-Qello-Square-Web-BannerStingray Qello takes you front row for some of the greatest concerts and music documentaries ever filmed. Watch The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, Aerosmith, U2, Billy Joel, Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette, Queen, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Jewel, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Willie Nelson, Nina Simone, Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, and Garth Brooks do what they do best. Ready to rock?
  • Watch favorite and award-winning films, shorts, and documentaries from film festivals all around the world with IndieFlix. Arrange your own personal film festival.
  • Finally, students can use Method Test Prep to prepare for their ACT and SAT.

All you need to use any of these services is a Mentor Public Library card and an email address. You can stream to your computer, Smart TV, or preferred device using the RBDigital app, which is available in the Google Play and Apple stores.

02 8, 2019

Learn how to take better portraits with free photography class

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Learn how to take memorable portraits outside of a studio during a free photography class at Mentor Public Library.

Learn how to take memorable portraits outside of a studio during a free photography class at Mentor Public Library.

You don’t need an expensive studio to take great photos of people or pets.

Learn how to make the world your studio with a free photography class from 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 23, at our Main Branch.

Photographer Steven Manchook will teach you how to take environmental portraits. He’ll show you how to take memorable photos of people and even animals without the trappings of a studio. You’ll learn how to use natural light and minimal equipment (maybe with an added flash or reflector) to transcend the simple snapshot.

Manchook will use several examples – both before and after post-processing – to illustrate his suggestions.

The class is free and open to all. We only ask that you register beforehand. You can sign up online or call us at (440) 255-8811 ext. 247 to reserve your spot in the room.

By the way, we also offer several online photography tutorials that are free to watch with your library card.

You can learn from National Geographic photographers on The Great Courses. Watch:

And there are more online tutorials available on Lynda – still free with your library card. The classes include introductions for beginners, iPhone and iPad photography, weekly suggestions, and helpful courses on Photoshop and Lightroom.

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