Making infinity puzzles

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Our young artists show off their infinity puzzle.

Our young artists show off their infinity puzzle.

Kids made an infinity puzzle – that’s a puzzle you can put together in practically infinite ways – during a program that mixed art and geometry earlier this month at our Main Branch.

First, they crafted their own 9-piece puzzles. Then, they combined all of them for a massive (if not infinite) puzzle.

They also took home their own tessellation lizards for more artsy math (or mathematical art, depending upon how you prefer to score it.) Tessellations are shapes that fit together in a perfect, infinite pattern. MC Escher made several famous ones, including our lizards.

By the way, if your children enjoy art, then they’ll love either of our art clubs. We host:

Both clubs will return in September after a brief hiatus in August. The kids in our clubs make their own artwork, taking cues from masters like Piet Mondrian, Grant Woods, and George Seurat.

They’re free to attend but registration is required. You can call us to sign up or do it online.