09 2, 2021

Learn basics of clothing care from our Life Hacks series

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Learn the basics of clothing care during our Life Hacks program on Sept. 16 at our Main Branch.

Save money by learning the keys to clothing care during the latest program in our Life Hacks series.

Acquire the basics of laundering (clothes, that is) and mending skills that can be used to repair clothes if they get worn or torn. The program is free and will be 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 16, at our Main Branch.

You can register online or call us at (440) 255-8811 ext. 247.

We launched our new Life Hacks series for young adults this fall. It offers advice and shares techniques for all those things that adults are expected to know but no one ever teaches.

To learn more and to watch our Life Hacks video on the basics of budgeting, visit www.mentorpl.org/lifehacks.

Finally, we’re always looking for additional topics for our Life Hacks series. If you have a topic that you wanted covered in the series or if you’re an expert on a topic and want to lead a Life Hacks program, email the library at ref@mentorpl.org.

08 24, 2021

Life Hacks: The Basics of Budgeting & Banking

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Do you have no idea where to begin with budgeting? Don’t know a credit card from a debit card or a savings account from a checking account? Then you need a LIFE HACK.

Our librarians Meg and Amber show you the basics of budgeting and banking, including:

  • how to add up your income and expenses
  • how to use your income and expenses to make a budget
  • the difference between a credit and debit card (and the benefits of both)
  • the differences between your credit and savings account
  • how to fill out a check

Here are some additional resources that may help you when building a budget:

Our LIFE HACKS series continues in September with a program on clothing care. Let us know which topics YOU want a Life Hack for in the comments.

08 14, 2021

You Could Use a Life Hack

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Ever wish there was a manual for adulting? Then you need a Life Hack.

Welcome to our new Life Hack series where our librarians Meg and Amber offer advice and share techniques for all those things that you need to know as an adult but nobody ever teaches you.

Our series will combine both online and in-person programs on topics like:

By the way, for each of our Life Hacks programs that you attend or view online, you’ll earn a chance to win our Life Hacks basket raffle. So get hacking! We’ll be there to help.

And let us know which topics YOU want us to cover in our series by emailing us at ref@mentorpl.org.

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