11 20, 2019

Mummy Madness in Mentor

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Children experience the thrill of archaeology during our Mummy Madness program. They excavated potsherds, pieced the ceramics together, and translated their heiroglyphics.

Children experience the thrill of archaeology during our Mummy Madness program. They excavated potsherds, pieced the ceramics together, and translated their hieroglyphics.

Kids made mosaics, took VR tours of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, excavated pottery, translated hieroglyphics, erected pyramids, competed in mummy races, and decorated sarcophagi during our Mummy Madness program.

We celebrated the anniversary of the re-discovery of King Tut’s tomb with a special program earlier this month. The children could take tours of Tut’s tomb and other ancient Egyptian tombs and temples using our VR readers – the same ones that took kids to the moon.

They also became amateur archaeologists: excavating potsherds from our sand pit, piecing them together, and translating their hieroglyphics.

The kids also stretched their creativity by designing pyramids with LEGO blocks and drawing their own sarcophagus. They got silly too, wrapping each other in toilet paper during our mummy races.

If you want to learn more about King Tut and ancient Egypt, we have dozens of books and documentaries that you can borrow from us.

If you want to start learning now, you can use your library card to stream videos from Kanopy and Hoopla. Kanopy has several Great Courses lectures on King Tut that you can view immediately, including:

If you haven’t heard of The Great Courses, they’re a collection of phenomenal lectures series created by esteemed college professors and experts.  Typically, you can stream 10 movies and documentaries from Kanopy each month. But, right now, you can stream unlimited Great Courses videos from Kanopy with your Mentor Public Library card. Learn as much as you want to about historyskillshobbieshumanities and science.

You can also stream the National Geographic documentary King Tut’s Final Secrets for free with your library card on Hoopla.


10 23, 2019

Civil War Archaeology

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Discover what archaeology can teach us about the US Civil War, and learn what techniques archaeologists use to study battlefields and other conflict zones.

Rebekah Knaggs, an archaeologist by degree and park ranger at James A. Garfield National Historic Siteexplains how Civil War archaeology differs from other better known archaeological studies. She also explains when you can and cannot keep a Civil War artifact that you find.

Our Civil War series continues at noon on Wednesday, Nov. 13, at our Main Branch. We’ll discuss the Battle of Franklin. As always, the talk is free and open to all.

By the way, if you’re interested in Civil War history, several talks in our Civil War series can be viewed online in their entirety, including:

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