Where will your gnome roam this summer?

Where will your gnome roam this summer?

Let your gnome roam this summer!

We’re offering a special program where kids can decorate a gnome, send it to a friend or family member, and follow its adventures across the country (or even the world.)

First, kids (ages three to 12) can pick up a gnome from our Main Branch. Next, the kids can color and decorate their gnomes however they want. Give it a name and a backstory, if they want. Then, send it to a friend or family member.

Have that friend or family member bring the gnome with them when they go somewhere – the beach, park, volcano, wherever – and snap a few photos with their gnome companion. Afterward, send those photos (by text, email or post) to the child, so they can enjoy their gnomes’ adventures too.

Finally, share your photos with us by bringing them to the Children’s Department at our Main Branch or emailing them to kim.sidorick@mentorpl.org. We will be keeping track of and sharing all the places the gnomes visit this summer.

Please share your gnome photos with us by July 31 when our Summer Reading program concludes.