We’re hosting seven free computer classes this June at our Main Branch. The classes range from basic introductions to computers, the Internet and email to advanced techniques for Microsoft Word.

The classes include:

  • An Introduction to Computersthe library’s most basic computer class—at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28. People will learn the basic skills they need to use a computer—no previous experience required.
  • Microsoft Word I at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28. Learn how to create, open and save documents, as well as other basic techniques, in Microsoft’s word-processing software.
  • Basic Internet at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29. Learn how to navigate the Internet. Participants will need to know how to use a keyboard and a mouse for this class
  • Microsoft Word II at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29. Learn more advanced techniques for Microsoft Word.
  • Facebook Basics at 10 a.m. on Thursday, June 30. The hands-on class will demonstrate basic Facebook features and tips. Please come to class with your Facebook login information and password.
  • Basic Email skills at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 30. Learn how to send emails and attachments, as well as reply to other people’s emails.
  • Microsoft Word: Flyers, Pictures and Drawing Tools at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 30. Learn how to effectively use Word’s drawing tools and how to use Word to create flyers and manipulate pictures.

The library also offers several online computer classes through the LinkedIn Learning database. The courses are free to watch with a public library card. For more information, visit www.mentorpl.org/linkedinlearning.