Hunger in Lake County2_InfographicMore than 25,000 people living in Lake County suffer from food insecurity. That is, they don’t always have confidence that they’ll be able to feed themselves or their family.

That’s about 11 percent of the people in Lake County who struggle with hunger.

But you can help by supporting United Way of Lake County’s annual Feed Lake County food drive.

From now until April 24, you can drop off nonperishable food at our Main, Lake and Headlands Branches and help Feed Lake County. You can also donate money if you prefer. Every $5 donation can buy up to 20 meals.

Your donation will be shared with Lake County residents through the more than 50 food pantries in the county.

(By the way, this drive is not our annual Can Your Fines food drive. We aren’t waiving fines for donations this time. Helping your neighbor is its own reward.)

Support your neighbor by donating food and help Feed Lake County.